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Picma Tack Tester


The PICMA Tack Tester for Finding Strength Of The Rubber developed as a modified version of Pickup type tack meter.This tester measures tacking strength between unvulcanized rubbers and between unvulvanized rubber and other materials and tacking strength of other adhesive materials. Until now the Pickup type tack meter was widely used in the rubber industry; it had considerable measuring error and needed improvement because it was very simple in construction.
Now it has been modified under the guidance of the research laboratory of Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
Its defects have been removed and it is renamed as PICMA Tack Tester, derived from (PICKUP-YOKOHAMA.)

  • By incorporating below improvements the measuring error has been considerably reduced.
  • 1. Specimen mounting wheel moves down at constant speed by means of a motor.
  • 2. The motor stops automatically when a sticking load of 500gf is applied.
  • 3. Sticking time can be arbitrarily set within 2-60 seconds by a timer.
  • 4. After the preset sticking the specimen mounting wheel automatically moves up.
  • 5. The pull apart speed can be selected in 8 steps by a selector switch.
  • 6. A raveling device has been added to ensure effective use of the specimens being tested.

Geer Oven


The Geer type Oven is widely used for evaluating thermal aging of plastics and rubber
by the oven method. There are many kinds of thermostatic chamber generally known
as the oven. Toyo Seiki's Geer type Oven has been especially designed and manufactured
exclusively for aging tests and not as an ordinary dry oven or thermostatic chamber.
Important factors such as temperature control precision, temperature distribution,
air speed inside the oven, air change rate and sealing mechanism of the intermediate
chamber, etc. have been fully taken into consideration in designing and constructing
this oven.

Features :

The air change rate automatic setting type(A45A) follows the change of the room
temperature and controls the air change rate besides the air change rate automatic
setting, which is the function of the conventional model ACR-A.
The temperature distribution has been improved.
Up to 100(±1), Up to 101 300 2)
*Conventional model: ±3 up to 201 300
The specimen rotation rack is driven directly without the driving belt.
It can get rid of the belt breaking trouble.
Both of the maximum temperature of the machine and the temperature for protecting
the specimen can be set by the over heat protector.

Mullen Type Bursting Tester (Analog type)


  • Measures bursting strength of paper and woven cloth, etc. Available in two types, namely low pressure type and high pressure type.

Melt Indexer

To meet the variegated demands of the customers, our company is involved in presenting standard quality range of Melt Indexer. This Melt Indexer is widely demanded in different engineering industries and also found applications in different laboratories. Our product range is checked for quality under various set norms of the industry.



  • Quality assured
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design




  • Use temperature: 100~360℃
  • Accessories: Cleaning brush, mirror, measuring cups, funnel
  • Optional accessory: Gravity Meter

Tackiness Tester

To cater the variegated demands of our prestigious clients, we are highly engrossed in providing a wide range of Tackiness Tester. Offered tackiness checker is developed in such a way that we are able to maintain quality norms. Due to their outstanding features, this tackiness checker is mainly applauded in the market. Along with that, customers can avail this tackiness checker from us in a broad variety of stipulation.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Convenient to use
  • Precisely designed



  • Voltage: 220V
  • Type: Handled
  • Screen: LED

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HTC-1

Mullen Type Bursting Tester (Digital type)


  • This instrument measures bursting strength of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard woven fabrics and rubber-coated fabrics, etc. and is available in two models viz. a low pressure type model (M2-LD) and a high pressure type (M2-HD).
  • Both models widely incorporate high-tech mechanism and are designed with emphasis on better performance and ease of operation and have considerably different image than that of the former fully mechanical types of Mullen Type Bursting Tester.
  • These are new types of machine especially designed in response to the needs of time such as stability of data, processing and safety of operation.


  • Stable clamping pressure is applied to sample by compressed air system.
  • Feeding rate of pressure applying liquid (glycerin) is stable and has no link with load pressure.
  • Safety mechanism is used in sample clamping unit.
  • The mechanism is so designed that height of the rubber diaphragm can be adjusted without supplementing glycerin.
  • When some miss-operation such as operation without a sample occurs, the auto return mechanism operates.
  • Suitability of expansion under specified pressure of rubber diaphragm can be automatically checked
  • by means of a jig supplied with the machine.
  • Hard rubber diaphragm can be automatically conditioned or adjusted by means of supplied jig.
  • Equipped with cross mode to indicate strength of rubber diaphragm at the time of determining true
  • value of bursting strength of sample. (JIS L 1018, L 1096)
  • Data can be printed out by printer or communicated through RS232C interface. (Option) Bursting
  • strength variation curve can be obtained by recorder. (Option)

Digital Hardness Tester With Stand

Measures hardness of plastic and rubber by needle penetration method.
It is a digital version of former Durometer


Strograph VE, VES series

Tensile test method is one of basic testing methods for investigating mechanical properties of
Since the measuring method is simple and provides various information which help investigate
properties of materials, it is being widely used as the most common testing method.
The STROGRAPH VE, VES series offers easy to operate tensile testers of superb cost performance.
These universal testing machines incorporate high-end, high-performance CPU control and novelty
design which matches well with your laboratory environment. In addition to tensile test, these
machines can also be used for conducting bending test, compression test, etc. by attaching special
chucks or jigs, and thus further widen the scope of evaluation tests.
VE and VES models are newly designed to meet the requirements of users in a wide range.
1. Unique design – matches well with modern laboratory environment.
2. Light weight, high performance and compact type.
3. Control panel is smart, tall and movable type (magnetic mounting).
4. Allows you to output data by connecting to a personal computer, recorder and printer.
5. Safe and efficient – because cross-head return speed has fuzzy function and auto selection system.

Blow Point Tester

Dimensions of heating plate200(width) x 350(depth) x 40(thickness)mm
Material of heating plateDuralumin
Heating plate driveAir cylinder, internal dia. 300mm, stroke 150mm
Applied pressure706cm2 x atmospheric pressure (kgf/cm2)
Temperature rangeRoom temp. +30°C ~ 199.9°C
Temperature distribution±1°C (at test temp, at mold surface)
Thermo controllerDigital thermo controller (PID operation, 0.1°C/div.)
Sensor for controlPt 100 ohms, sheath’s external dia. 1.6mm
Thermocouple for measurementCC thermocouple at 4 places
Insertion/removal of thermocouplesAir cylinder, internal diameter 40mm, stroke 20mm
Power requirementAC200V, 3-P (Other voltages also possible with External step-down transformer)
Compressed air source6 ~ 9.9kgf/cm2
EnvironmentTemperature 0 ~ +40°C, relative humidity
Dimensions540(W) x 650(D) x 1500(H)mm
WeightApprox. 300kg

MVSS Flamability Tester

Being a leader in the market, we are engaged in providing our clients a qualitative range of MVSS Flamability Tester. Offered flammability tester is developed in such a way that we are able to maintain quality norms. Due to their outstanding features, this flammability tester is mainly applauded in the market. Along with that, customers can avail this flammability tester from us in a broad variety of stipulation.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Light in weight
  • Durability

Dimensions of sampleApprox. 100 x 355 mm
OptionTimer (for ignition time)
Testing methodMVSS 302, ISO 3795
ElectricalAC100V, 1-P, 1A (Other voltages also possible)
Dimensions48(W) x 21(D) x 46(H) cm
Net weightApprox. 20 kg

UVC Ozone Aging Tester

  • UVC Ozone Aging Tester is designed to evaluate the ozone resistance, especially can control
  • the wide range of ozone concentration.
  • This Ozone Aging Tester employs ultraviolet(253.7nm) absorption method and a microprocessor
  • which ensure to control the ozone concentration very accurately and to save a great deal of
  • labour and time.


  • 1.The ozone concentration can be tested within the wide range from 20pphm to 200ppm.
  • 2.The ozone concentration can be digitally displayed and monitored by the recorder.
  • 3.The ozone concentration can be set easily by the digi-switch.
  • 4.The ozone concentration can be very accurately controlled by PID controller and
  • the recovery is remarkably quick.
  • 5.The self-diagnosing in the ozone concentration detecting circuit assures easy operation.
  • 6.A ozone decomposition is installed in the exhaust port for the prevention of environmental
  • contamination.
  • 7.The supply of dry air achieved high safety and the energy saving by adopting heatless dryer
  • of the self-reproduction method compared with a past silicagel type.
  • 8.A test chamber is constructed of stainless steel SUS 304 with fluorine resin painting to
  • minimize reaction to ozone.
  • 9.A dynamic elongation test device can be installed.(Option)

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: PPHM

Pulp Disintegrator


This apparatus is used for disintegrating bound fibers completely into single fibers as a process to keep
the reproducibility in the preparation of test sheet from pulp. A propeller rotated at a speed of
3,000rpm within a container having spirally-grooved wall is mounted to the end of a shaft to disintegrate
pulp in 75,000 revolutions.

Heat Gradient Tester

This machine is capable of controlling and producing temperature gradient in five small heating plates and pressing the small heating plates by a constant pressure by means of air cylinder.It is used for testing in very wide range such as heat determining optimum temperature for heat sealing of packaging materials,heat setting of fibers,checking heat sensitivity of heat sensitive paper and evaluating heat resistance of materials in short time.

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 15kW
  • Type: Automatic

Digital Inkometer

Backed by rich industry experience, we are highly engaged in offering the best quality range of Digital Inkometer. We design these digital ink meters by using supreme grade material and leading edge technology. Along with that, our vendor’s quality experts at every stage of manufacturing check these digital ink meters to eradicate any defect on it. Customers can take these digital ink meters from us in various stipulations as per their needs.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Highly durable

Other Details:

  • Digital readout system enables direct reading – no need of counterbalance operation
  • Metal roll revolutions can also be read directly
  • Rubber roll is easy to replace
  • Wide range of speed of revolution – from 100 rpm to 3000 rpm
  • One-touch speed selection by push-button selectors. Speed can be freely changed during operation

Metal roll speed100~3,000rpm push-button and variable
Digital panel meterSelection & display of revolutions & tack
ElectricalAC100V, 1-P, 15A (Other voltages also possible
Dimensions65(W) x 50(D) x 55(H)cm
Net weightApprox. 130kg
Testing methodJIS K 5701

Schob Type Rebound Tester


  • The correlation data is obtained with Lupke Type Rebound Resilience Tester specified in JIS K6255
  • The machine doesn't need a storage space because of the compact design
  • The number of times of the preliminary impact can be changed
  • The maximum value, minimum value, central value and the mean value can be calculated from data
  • The data of accurate number of times of impact can be obtained by the mechanism which prevents giving the impact twice
  • The touch panel type LCD enables an easy operating and checking


  • Dimensions: Thickness-12.5+/-0.5 mm, diameter-29.0+/-0.5 mm
  • Holding force: 100-250 N
  • Electric source: AC 100 V 1P 50/60 Hz, 1A
  • Release angle: 90 degree
  • Hemispherical, diameter: 12.5+/-0.05 mm

Labo Plastomill


  • Torque (calculated from current), resin temperature and pressure can be measured. (Pressure sensor is option)
  • Test can be conducted by recalling registered conditions by means of LCD color touch panel
  • Data curve is displayed on LCD screen
  • Data curve can be output to compact printer. (Option)
  • Compact table type. (W40 x 060 x H63 cm)
  • Plenty of safety measures - torque, pressure and temperature limiters and mixer disassembly safety circuit, etc
  • Data can be transferred in Excel format through RS232C interface. (Option)


Revolutions0-100 rpm. load fluctuation 0.1%/full
Torque meas. rangeMax. 40 N.m (calculated from current)
Temp. meas. range0-400°C
Pressure meas. range0-20 MPa (sensor ... option)
MotorAC servo motor 400 W
Touch panelColor LCD W115 mm x 1-186 mm
Safety devicesTorque & temperature limiter, emergency stop switch, mixer disassembly safety circuit
Electric power sourceAC 100V 5A 50/60Hz
Dimensions and weight (Option)W40 x D60 x H63 cm, approx. 50 kg
Compact printerThermal dot matrix type, 80 mm wide roll paper model MPR, test window data output (data curve)
RS232CAllows transfer of data in Excel format model M232C

Rockwell Type Hardness Tester

Minor load98.07N (10kgf)
Test load588.4N (60kgf), 980.7N (100kgf), 1471N (150kgf)
Steel ballSteel ball indenter Φ1/2”, 1/4”, 1/8”, 1/16” each 1pc., Diamond indenter 1pc.
ScalesC, D, A, G, B, F, K, E, H, P, M, L, V, S, R
Testing methodJIS B 7726, K 7202, ASTM D785, ISO 2039
ElectricalAC100-240V, 1-P
Dimensions18(W) x 45(D) x 66(H)cm
Net weightApprox. 70kg

Automatic Densimeter DSG-1


  • Measures specific gravity of rubber, plastic and ceramic, etc. Specific gravity can be directly read on the indicator by simply chinning the sample.
  • By using the optional attachments, it can also be used to determine specific gravity of liquids and rate of change of volume or rubber, etc.

  • Measures specific gravity of a wide range of substances from foaming substances to metals. (Specific gravity range 0.1 to 2.0)
  • Only about 20 seconds required to measure one sample.
  • Very simple operation-only mounting/dismounting the sample and pushing the Start button.
  • Distilled water is used as the standard liquid, but other liquids can also be used depending on sample.
  • Plenty of optional attachments and wide filed of applications.


Max. capacity120g
Resolution0.0001g (0.1mg)
Display digits000.0000g
Main unit / Operation partOperation panel: 4.7inch LCD touch panel Minimum specific gravity (density): 0.000001 (g/cm3) Minimum volume: 0.0001cm3 Data saving: 200 lot (100data/lot up to 1000 data)
Beakerφ90×120(H)mm (material : PMP)
Dimensions290(W) X 443(D) X 865(H) mm
Net weightApprox. 30kg
ElectricalSingle-ph , 230V, 50Hz, 0.1kVA
Testing methodISO1183-1, JIS K 7112, ISO2781, JIS K 6268, JIS Z 8807

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: DSG-1

Tensile Test Chambers

Tensile strength tests are an integral part of material development. Materials that require this test include various metals, plastics, paper, fabrics, fibers, composites, and films for many industries. ESPEC tensile test chambers are designed to work with any tension apparatus and can be customized to meet unique application needs.

Using a refrigeration system instead of Liquid Nitrogen to cool the chamber allows our equipment to introduce humidity. Proper humidity regulation is key to getting accurate results.


  • Chamber and cart designed to fit most tensile test machines and benches by Instron and MTS
  • Full-opening door with silicone gaskets and hinged on left side
  • Slots in top and bottom of chamber for test grips
  • Lifting eyebolts to aid in positioning
  • Interior and exterior is stainless steel
Refrigeration and Plenum
  • Rear-mounted plenum with cooling coil and nichrome wire heaters
  • Air-cooled refrigeration system using hermetic compressor(s)
  • Humidity models include steam generator and dehumidification coil
System Controls
  • Attached instrumentation console on right side
  • Watlow F4 programmable controller
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