Temperature Based Chambers

Temperature, Humidity & Vibration Combined Type

Superior technology that enabled 6DOF type excitation

Realistic vibration testing can be achieved using multi-axis system to recreate actual real-life situations.
Using electro dynamic vibration generators, our system can reproduce waveform which have components in wide frequency range low to high bands with a high degree of accuracy.



  • Centralized control system: By adopting a centralized control system, it can control whole system not only vibration, but also temperature and humidity.
  • Various option: We can offer a variety of options such as a side door, a back door and a see-through door.
  • Chamber base direct coupling method: IMV vibration test systems as of I, J, VS series (with some exceptions) employ Direct Coupling to dock the vibration generators to the chambers. It eliminates troublesome works of connection shaft replacement and loss of excitation force. It also eliminate necessity of specimen remount in the chamber.
  • Moving attachment for shaker: Shaker and chamber can be separately used moving smoothly on rails.

Lineup of Temperature/Humidity Chambers Advanced Features of New Products Smaller Foot Prints and Easier Maintenance:

  • The foot prints are 20% smaller1) compared with those of the conventional vertical/horizontal excitation changeover system to make installation easier.

Easier Access, Improved Safety:

  • Work to mount specimens is easier than ever by opening one side of the vibration generator.
  • Revolving light with buzzer is equipped for more safety

Standard Specifications:

  • Volume size: W1000×D1000×H1000mm
  • Temperature range: -70℃+180℃
  • Humidity range: 2098RH 1)
  • Temperature up rate1℃/min or fastercurve gradient 2)
  • Temperature down rate2℃/min or faster curve gradient 2)


Temperature/Humidity Chambers for Multi-axis excitation Temperature/Humidity Chambers for Multi-axis excitation:

  • Volume sizeW1000×D1000×H1000mm
  • Temperature range-70℃+180℃
  • Humidity range2098RH 1)
  • Temperature down rate+20℃→-70℃ 40mincurve gradient2)
  • Temperature down rate-70℃→+180℃ 40mincurve gradient2)

Horizontal/Vertical excitation changeover Temperature/Humidity Chamber Horizontal/Vertical excitation changeover Temperature/Humidity Chamber:

  • Volume sizeW1000×D1000×H1000mm
  • Temperature range-40℃+180℃
  • Humidity range2098RH 1)
  • Temperature down rate+180℃→-40℃ 100mincurve gradient2)
  • Temperature down rate-40℃→+180℃ 50mincurve gradient2)

Achieved Specifications A Single Temperature/Humidity chamber is used coupled with both of vertical and horizontal vibration table. Large Temperature/Humidity Chamber Achieved Specifications Large Temperature/Humidity Chamber:

  • Volume sizeW1800×D1900×H1500mm
  • Temperature range-30℃+80℃
  • Humidity range6095RH 1)
  • Temperature down rate+45℃→-30℃ 35mincurve gradient 2)
  • Temperature down rate-30℃→+80℃ 25mincurve gradient) 2)

Achieved specifications the tests of large sized specimens as car seats, cut out bodies of cars, large home appliances are possible in large space


Temperature Chambers

Keeping in mind the ever-evolving requirements of our prestigious clients, we are offering an exclusive grade of Temperature, Humidity & Vibration Combined Type. We design these chambers by using supreme grade material and leading edge technology. Along with that, our vendor’s quality experts at every stage of manufacturing check these chambers to eradicate any defect on it. Customers can take these chambers from us in various stipulations as per their needs.


  • Compact design
  • Ease of operation
  • Optimum performance



  • Manufactured products can be exposed to both thermal and mechanical stresses.
  • These should not be considered separately, as the effects may be linked.
  • IMV can supply vibration-test systems combined with climatic chambers to provide complete vibration, temperature and humidity environmental testing.
  • These systems can be custom-designed to meet your application.


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