Reach-In Chambers

Zone One Stability Chambers

Designed for ICH Q1A stability test requirements


The ZoneOne temperature/humidity chamber provides outstanding stability testing performance for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biologics, food, and personal care products. This chamber is easy to use, durable, and comes with the full range of features needed to support a wide range of stability test requirements. Suitable for ICH Q1A conditions:

  • Long term: 25°C/60%, 30°C/65%
  • Intermediate: 30°C/65%
  • Accelerated: 40°C/75%




  • Performance meets ICH Q1A general case guidelines for pharmaceutical stability testing
  • Refrigeration configured for frost-free, continuous operation
  • Heated full-view window for easy viewing without condensation problems
  • Horizontal airflow for uniform sample exposure
  • Watlow EZ-ZONE PID controller
  • Includes three adjustable solid shelves with lips to protect against spills
  • Designed for flush installation on all sides; casters are standard
  • One year parts and labor warranty with factory-trained technicians
  • IQ OQ PQ certification services available

Reach- Ins Platinous Chambers

Reach-ins Platinous Chambers series lets you can select from a variety of sizes, ranges, and options to meet your specific environmental testing requirements. ESPEC Platinous series include features for quality and reliabile operation:

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Energy-efficient refrigeration with exclusive electronic expansion valve system
  • Specialized humidity generation and control
  • Unique thermal break construction for extreme testing
  • Casters, cable port, shelf, & USB port standard
  • ETL-listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A


Energy-saving operation

Built into the P-300 controller are improved control algorithms for more efficient chamber operation. Invisible to the end user, the P-300 uses advanced control of an electronic expansion valve to save energy and improve control of the refrigeration system. Additional improvements in refrigeration and heater operation make the new generation of ESPEC Platinous chambers the most energy efficient ever.


Well Thought-out Cabinet Design

  • Stainless steel interior with rounded corners - superior to square, welded corners
  • Stainless steel exterior construction for durability over time
  • Optional viewing window with full-pane heaters to help keep condensation and frost clear. Provides great visibility into the chamber.
  • Chamber light built into the window for easy viewing without glare
  • One 4" diameter cable port, centered in the left wall (additional ports optional)
  • One stainless steel shelf with adjustable support rails (not clips)
  • Heavy duty casters with adjustable leveling feet
  • Hinged service panels for easy access


Helpful Operational Features

  • Independent "Product Temp. Protector" with user-set limits, part of a three-tier safety system
  • Electrical disconnect switch is included, with lock-out/tag-out

Global-N Temperature Cycling Chambers

Global-N’s 43 different models allows you to choose the size and performance best suited for your test applications. Temperature cycling rates from 5 to 20°C/min. are possible.


Two different ultimate low temperatures are available: -40°C or -70°C. The Global-N series require the least amount of floorspace for this level of performance.

  • Three interior volumes: 380, 470, and 800 liters (12, 16 and 28 cubic feet)
    • NEW: 470 liter (16 cubic foot) models are 6 inches wider than 380 liter models
  • Temperature cycling as fast as 20°C per minute
  • Reliable Scroll compressors on most models
  • Humidity testing capability also available
  • Casters, shelf, and cable port are standard
  • CE-mark or ETL-listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A
These chambers feature the classic ESPEC look of stainless steel with a new, modern style. The control console is on the door, making the footprint of the unit even more compact. A simple, but secure, door latch is easier than ever to use


  • P-300 touch-screen programmer with USB port
  • High performance, reliable Copeland Scroll compressors*
  • Lower sound levels, even for air-cooled models (click on model numbers to see specs)
  • One 4" (100mm) diameter cable port with flexible silicone plug
  • Heavy-duty casters with adjustable feet for leveling unit
  • Refrigeration gauges and hinged service panels for easy maintenance
  • Non-metallic thermal break around the doorframe for thermal integrity
  • Dew tray on the door to catch drips when opened
  • Adjustable stainless steel shelf with heavy-duty support rails, supports 100 lbs.

Reach- Ins Chambers

Four larger size chambers with performance options to 12°C/m

The Reach-ins are top quality temperature/humidity chambers in four larger sizes than our popular Platinous and Global-N lines. More powerful heating and cooling systems on these models ensure prompt response, even with larger and heavier loads. Change rates up to 12°C/m or more is possible, depending on model.

This web-page features our 42 and 60 cubic foot sizes. New, taller sizes of 48 cubic foot and 112 cubic foot are available to especially suit the testing of solar panels. (These sizes have their own web pages, please click the links to learn more.)

In addition, The P-300 touch-screen controller makes running an ESPEC environmental test chamber a breeze. The full-color, touch-screen interface is remarkably easy to use and understand. The P-300 Touch Screen Controller can be managed remotely via our new Ethernet/LAN-based Web Controller, serial port, or GP-IB/LabView.


  • Touch-screen programmer for easy operation
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • High performance, reliable Scroll or Discus compressors
  • Larger windows with bright lighting
  • Non-metallic thermal breaks at the doorframe and cable ports to eliminate exterior frosting or hot spots
  • One adjustable shelf with heavy-duty support rails
  • One 100mm (4") diameter cable port (additional ports optional)
  • Heavy-duty casters with adjustable feet
  • Hinged service panels
  • ETL-listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A

Reach Ins Agree Vibration Compatible Chambers

Industrial-quality chambers for combination testing with vibration systems

For years AGREE chambers have been the workhorses of the environmental test chamber industry. Originally created to meet military test standards, their flexible design has made them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Fast temperature changes of 5 to 25°C/m. are possible, even with significant loads. The chambers have a removable floor, allowing integration with vibration test systems. Custom designs are common, allowing configuration to meet your exact requirements.

  • Special model EADX52 can interface with both vertical and horizontal vibration systems
  • ETL-listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A


ESPEC custom chamber capabilities:

Nearly every Agree chamber we build is designed per the application. Here is a review of what is possible with a custom designed chamber from ESPEC. This video highlights automation and movement, both common in Agree-type applications with vibration systems.

  • Full-opening door with multi-pane heated window & interior light
  • Chamber floor designed to be changeable to accommodate different “floor plugs” for vibration systems. Standard floor plug provided is “solid” for non-vibration applications (other floors optional). Embedded perimeter heaters in floor plugs to avoid condensation and freeze-up, plus Teflon glides in floor slot make floor replacement very easy.
  • One 4" cable port with flexible plug centered in the left hand wall (additional ports optional)
Refrigeration and Plenum
  • Rear-mounted plenum with cooling coil and nichrome wire heaters
  • Two ¾ hp blower motors with one-piece stainless steel shafts
  • Non-CFC cascade refrigeration system using semi-hermetic Copeland Discus compressors
  • Hinged service access doors with lockable snap-action latches

Pharmaceutical Testing Chambers

We are the leading brand in the market to provide our renowned clients the best grade of Pharmaceutical Testing Chambers. Offered testing chamber is developed in such a way that we are able to maintain quality norms. Due to their outstanding features, this testing chamber is mainly applauded in the market. Along with that, customers can avail this testing chamber from us in a broad variety of stipulation.


  • Optimum quality
  • High durability
  • Reliability



  • Range: 10 degree centigrade to 60 degree centigrade
  • Accuracy: /- 1 Degree centigrade or better
  • Controller: Micro-Controller PID Type

Premium Testing Chambers

To cater the variegated demands of our prestigious clients, we are highly engrossed in providing a wide range of Premium Testing Chambers. These testing chambers are designed by vendor’s deft workers by utilizing best quality material and sophisticated machinery. Clientele can take these testing chambers in a number of stipulations that can be also effortlessly customized according to the specified requirement of customers.


  • Finely finished
  • Precisely designed
  • Low maintenance



  • Chamber capacity: 500 liters to 10, 000 liters
  • Internal Finish: Interior made of vapor tight pre-polished 16 Swg 304 grade stainless Steel with adjustable / removable shelving.

Criterion Temperature Benchtop Chambers

Backed by rich industry experience, we are highly engaged in offering the best quality range of Criterion Temperature Bench top Chambers. Offered bench top chamber is developed in such a way that we are able to maintain quality norms. Due to their outstanding features, this bench top chamber is mainly applauded in the market. Along with that, customers can avail these bench top chambers from us in a broad variety of stipulation.


  • Durability
  • High quality
  • Enhanced service life

Other Details

  • Stainless steel interior
  • Exclusive ESPEC controller with large LED display
  • Two-step programmability with functions for automatic start, stop, ramp, and repeat
  • Visual and audible alarm with diagnostic fault code
  • Specimen power supply control terminal: turns specimen off if chamber faults
  • Four-tiered safety system for overheat conditions
  • Two shelves included standard, rated for 40 lbs. or more
  • Exhaust damper for ventilating oven and fast cool-down
  • Large variety of models and optional features

Model / LinkInterior DimensionsInterior VolumeTemperature RangeNotes
(W x D x H)
PH-102449.58mm x 449.58mm x 449.58mm90.61 litres45 to 200°CHorizontal-type
PH-202599.44mm x 599.44mm x 599.44mm215.61 litres45 to 200°CHorizontal-type
PH-302800.1mm x 800.1mm x 800.1mm512.53 litres45 to 200°CHorizontal-type
PH-4021000.76mm x 1000.76mm x 1000.76mm999.58 litres45 to 200°CHorizontal-type
PV-212599.44mm x 599.44mm x 599.44mm215.61 litres45 to 200°CVertical -type
PV-222599.44mm x 599.44mm x 899.16mm322.81 litres45 to 200°CVertical -type
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