Railway Measuring Instrument

Railway Wheel Diameter Measuring System

Railway Wheel Diameter Measuring System - Railway Measuring Instrument :-

  • Direct reading with a dial gauge.
  • Two-side indication type diameter.
  • Magnetic absorption.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Stability and high precision


Range of measurement (mmφ)760 mmφ - 920 mmφ
Measurement error (mm)Within ±0.5 mm
Dial gauge80φ, two-side indication type
GraduationDirect reading, in 1 mm unit
Position of measurement65 mm outside the tyre inner side surface (Different specifications are available on request)
Flange height limit(mm)37 mm
Fixing methodMagnetic absorption to the tyre inner side surface
Capacity2.1 kg
(approx lbs)4.6 lbs

Railway Digital Tyre Measuring Instrument

Railway Digital Tyre Measuring Instrument- Railway Measuring Instrument :-

  • Digial display of measurements.
  • LED display that is visible at a dark place.
  • Simple operation with a button.
  • Measurement of the size of both tyres at the same place.
  • Battery alarm.
  • Built in chargeable battery.

Maximum measuring length (mm)15 mm
Range of measurement (mm)Flange height25 - 40 mm
Distance from the axis center[Type1] 516 - 531 mm
Distance from the axis center[Type2] 701 - 716 mm
Flange thickness[Type3] 21 - 36 mm
Tyre thickness (mm)Direct scale reading type 25 to 125 mm (0 to 100 mm is also available.).
Measuring point (mm)65mm from the tyre inside surface
Measurement position (mm)10 mm or 13 mm down from the tread of measuring point
Measurement SensorOptical linear encoder
Measuring resolution (mm)0.1 mm
DisplayLED (seven-segment display)
Car number01 - 16
Wheel number1 - 8
Store data capacity16 cars x 8 wheels = 128 datas
Battery durationMore than 6 hours
Power sourceBattery pack x 4
Battery chargerCaarge type for 4 hours.

Transport Environment Data Recorder

Transportation Environment Data Recorder TOUGH LOGGER for search of the cause of defects of any expensive freights as shock, fall, temperature or humidity and location of place and time.


  • Continuous recording of actual vibration waveform is possible.
  • Built in 3-axis vibration (acceleration) pickup and thermohygrometer
  • External connection with maximum 6 channels (3-direction ×2) accelerometer
  • 3 day continuous recording by using 9 channels simultaneous measurement (According to condition)
  • Power spectrum density analysis (PSD)
  • GPS function of recording transportation route (Option)


  • For investigation and evaluation of the transportation route by measuring vibration,temperature and humidity on the whole travel.
  • For search of the cause of defects of any expensive freights as shock, fall, temperature or humidity,and location of place and time.
  • For evaluation of vibration durability of the freights or R & D of the most suitable package using the function of tailoring.

Rotorless Rheometer

Rotorless Rheometer (Rubber Curing Stability Tester) model RLR-3 easily measures curing characteristics of rubber at high accuracy according to JIS K 6300 and ISO 6502. The optional Auto sample load/unload unit based on original idea quickly and securely removes sample by means of pin from the cavity after conducting a test.


1. Very Accurate Temperature and Torque
  • High temperature accuracy of ±0.3°C with thin film Pt sensor accuracy calibration function.
  • Sample’s temperature distribution is uniform because there is no rotor.
  • Measures true torque value because there is no sliding part in the torque detecting mecanism.
  • Accurate and easy one-touch torque calibration by means of built in actual weight.
  • Zero adjustment of torque for each sample eliminates drift.
2. High Speed, Reliable Full Automatic Operation using Pin System
  • Reliable high-speed full automatic operation based on our original pin system. (Option)
  • Enables automatic operation for samples of different testing conditions (temperature, etc.) by
  • linking to Data Processing Unit.
3. High Economy and High Safety
  • Simultaneous data processing for maximum four testing instruments (Rotorless Rheometer RLR-3,
  • Rotorless Mooney Viscometer RLM-3, Mooney Viscometer AM-3) by using only one Data
  • Processing Unit.
  • By opening the wind protection door the heating platens go up and by closing the door the platens
  • come down and test starts.
  • Incorporates overload protector and overheat protector.
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